I need help adding rows on the top panel

Hi all,

I would like to add a second row to my top panel for additional widgets. I have tried adding a second panel to put it right below the original one, but it can’t seem to be placed below it for whatever reason.

Thanks in advance (:

Thought I’d try to see what happens yeah as you say not very good I don’t imagine panels were ever intended to be utilized that way, very interesting thou.

What I have is on two monitor setup, all the different panels on auto hide here
( just for you ) they are up.

Love the idea, unfortunately, I am on a laptop, thus I only have one screen available.

Hey there @Veliki_Gospar you could still have panels on the side (Hmm bit suss) OK seriously,

You could have the auto hide ( if you wish, ( pseudo more screen space ) ) panels on the sides and top of screen as well as the usual bottom panel then auto hide gives you more screen room without compromising on your workspace, a reboot is not a bad idea as that allows the system to catch up.
Hope this helps in some way.

I’ll look into that method if there is no other way, thanks!

ok, while I think rows would be a neat feature to be added in future updates, I have found myself a decent alternative.
My main reasoning for asking this was to have more system load info in the top panel, however I just decided to toss a few of widgets on the side of the desktop and that is good enough for me, so thanks everyone :smiley: