Ignore The, A in Dolphin

I have Emby installed for my movies and TV series and it like Trakt list items under the first letter of a show or movie title after the word The or A is at the beginning. Example “The Calling” will be listed under the C’s cause both Emby and Track ignore the and a at the beginning. Issue is Dolphin will list it under the T’s because the word The is the first word. I would like to be able for certain folder to have Dolphin use the same behavior. Is there any way to do this? Thanks

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same thing happen in music folders… a “smart sort” feature like what itunes does would be a nice to have

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Thanks for the feature request!

Could you please submit it properly to https://bugs.kde.org as a Wishlist-priority bug?

While I would like to see this added to Dolphin do not assume I meant it as a feature request. It is EXACTLY as I stated a question if a particular function was in Dolphin.

once in a time i made my money in the VOD (aka video streaming) “industry” and we have been faced with this exact issue there as well. the overall convention in the industry was to ignore “the”, “a”, “an” and maybe more. So this is default (sorting) behaviour for this kind of software or interfaces. but actualy i don’t see this implemented in a file manager! but if the file has some sort of meta data listing the name of the title (i.e. theoretically 100 % independent of the actual filename) in that meta data, sorting on the meta info name is absolutly rational to me. just my 2 ct.

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This is not existing behaviour in Dolphin, but could certainly be a feature request.

Currently, we have three sorting modes (Natural, Alphabetical (case insensitive), Alphabetical (case sensitive)).

It is likely possible to have a checkbox that will cause it to sort ignoring articles (a, an, the).


That would be nice as long as it can by done only on folders that the enduser wants it done in.