Import file resolution question

My Kdenlive default resolution is HD1080p 29.97fps.

When I import a file in 1280x720 25 fps, Kdenlive queries me if I’d like to “switch to clip (filename) profile HD 720p 25 fps (1280x720 25 fps)?”

Instead of switching to 720p, why doesn’t Kdenlive query me if I’d like to switch to the clip’s original resolution of 1280p?

Wouldn’t what Kdenlive suggest create a smaller, less detailed result, or am I off track completely and missing something?

In every case, I’d prefer a better quality result over smaller file size.

Thanks for your time.

This number refers to number of p(rogressive) lines of resolution rather than columns.
So, “original resolution” of 1280x720 is indeed 720p. And 1080p would be 1920x1080.
Since the first number in pixels-x-pixels refers to image width (number of columns).
And the second number in pixels-x-pixels refers to image height (number of lines).

Lines can also be i(nterlaced), show half of lines in one frame and another half in next.
But, AFAIK, this is mostly gone in modern era, only p(rogressive) lines remain popular.
For extra clarity: progressive lines are just normal (non-interlaced) lines, nothing special.

Thank you for the clarification

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