Import old Forum?

Should we import the data from the old forum? It may be largely dated and irrelevant, creating unnecessary noise. At the same time it offers some history we’d otherwise have to turn to syadmins for excavation on a case-by-case basis.

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m not sure if it is worth importing, but it should all be archived in some way, even make it read-only, but publicly available for archaeological reasons. So much stuff from the early days of KDE has already been lost…

So “No, but…”.


Some information is old and outdated so archiving it might be better.


Read-only archive is my vote with some banner pointing here for current topics.


+1 for read-only archiving it, (with a notification always visible that let know the old forum is archived, in read only, and a link to the new one).


It doesn’t have much up to date posts but many irrelevant ones from kde4 times, so +1 for not importing it

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Read-only we should do as some articles may be linked to some documentation. Does Discourse can show «articles” like in a forum?

Do you have an example of such an article?

The best fit is probably a wiki post What is a Wiki Post? - users - Discourse Meta

Just for the record, Sysadmin retrieval of data from our archives is reserved for exceptional circumstances as it often involves standing up a copy of the software in question - which as time goes on becomes more and more difficult and requires quite a bit of effort.

KDE has a long history of carrying over content, keeping links and history alive, etc. which this would be an enormous exception to.

I voted no, but you should archive it.

For example, EVE Online did it like this back in the day:

@sitter This poll probably needs to be slightly recast as Yes / No are missing the nuance of having an archival copy available.

(For me this would preferrably be hosted within Discourse - even if the topics are fully locked and clearly sitting in an “Archive” category) as otherwise a static copy of the old Forum will be unsearchable)


I know there are tools for some forum software to do a full conversion to static content so no database and no scripts etc, just HTML and images.

Indeed, some wget scripting should get us there. For searching search engines should get the job done.

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For instance, here: Useful Information — Kdenlive Manual 22.12 documentation
→ first link: “HOWTO Produce 4k and 2K videos, YouTube compatible”

In the Kdenlive documentation I found 25 such links to the forum.

Yes, the Wiki Post looks like a forum post which I saw in other software communities.

You may be interested in Move KDE Tips to Discuss?

Indeed a lot of topics and answers were outdated but not all of them and it would be useful to be able to have access to search function. When I google for some solution and google show me link to forum and I click on it there is "File not found. " information. A lot of knowledge is lost.

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