Increase font only of Application Launcher

I have changed the font of Krunner, which has greatly improved its usefulness to me, by modifying the file ~/.config/krunnerrc and adding this section:

font=Ubuntu Condensed,18,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0

Is there some similar setting I can do for Kickoff (and even Kicker etc)?

I can imagine that might bring some problems with the display of different categories etc, but I only use the tool to search (files, locations and apps – and to list favorite apps), so that I want the list of results to have much larger fonts ­– so large that they would be too large to set globally, or for the menus, I mean the way they are controlled now. (In fact I don´t know if they are, or if its just the resolution that changes the Application launcher’s font!)

(My need for this is related to the one for eyeglasses etc, I prefer anyway to have different font sizes in different cases: much larger size in text files and launcher than in Dolphin, for example, or larger in the browser page than in its menus and tabs).