Increasing number of documents in jumplists/quicklists

When I right click apps in the Icons-only Task manager, I get a little menu that also includes Recent files. I have two questions about these Recent Files:

  1. The maximum number of Recent Files that is shown is always 5, for all apps. Is there a way to increase this number?
  2. I prefer to use Thunar, but files only end up in these Recent Files lists when I open them using Dolphin. Is there any way to change a setting so that files that I open in Thunar also show in these Recent Files?

I believe the name for these Recent Files are Jumplists or Quicklists

thanks for the help!

This may have something to do with it:

The number displayed here is currently hard-coded in plasma, more values are stored. It could be made configurable.
You can access those files from within dolphin and filter them by app or types.

I believe this is a limitation of thunar that does not save its recently opened folders in ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.

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thanks @meven , excellent. I made a feature request here.

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