Initial Feedback on forum

Thanks very much for bringing this to life. :+1:t4: :+1:t4:

  • I think the new sidebar navigation of discourse obscures important links like code of conduct. About page and privacy policy so I suggest having a dedicated footer in place for these.

  • It might be worth mentioning clearly somewhere that admin can view everything on the website even private messages.

  • There should be a gdpr cookie notice , it is available as a plugin.

  • Some forums disable browsing user directory. I don’t have any link right now but I read somewhere it adds load on the server to list that page when there are thousands of users -

  • Do we need trust level 4 for new joined users even if they have invent account? I think trust level 1 or 2 might be enough. trust level 4 gives way more control. Anyone will create an invent account and instantly get higher trust level. This is just a thought.

  • The favicon is white on white when browser theme is light

  • The landing page can also have categories listed so that we can see all the categories.

  • Have a tutorial post educating users how discourse works. And also a commonly asked question post. These can be made as a wiki which users above certain trust level can edit.

I’ll update the post when I find more points. Also happy to help in any ways possible.


Isn’t that required only if we use non essential cookies? Currently when visiting the website while not logged I get 0 cookies and then logged in I get the session cookies (but those are required for being logged) and a logged_out_marketing_header_id cookie. The last one looks more suspicious but I didn’t find any explanation about it online :confused:

For reference there is a list of cookies discourse uses mentioned in the official forum -

logged_out_marketing_header_id could be from the CDN

I do not know the exact law about it, but I think even the plugin that is offered in the discourse forum is not suitable as it just informs the user. As far as I know rather than informing the website should take consent before using or loading the cookies. The essential cookies may be exempted from this I do not know for sure.

You need consent before using any cookies that are not strictly necessary. IOW login cookies are not subject to at least GDPR/EPD


Do we still need to give notice even if consent isn’t required?

Test test, yeehaw

Looks great! There’s even dark mode!


I agree that I don’t trust myself enough to be given Level 4 privileges… :wink:
Another minor point that I’ll mention is that in the “Discuss” logo in the top left corner the last ‘s’ is cut off a bit. Otherwise I’m quite satisfied with the setup so far.


This new forum is really incredible
Compared to the old forum, this one feels more modern and welcoming.

The @Konqi bot is friendly and one of the best welcome bots I’ve ever seen in a discourse instance.

The color scheme could have more resemblance to breeze in my opinion. In terms of design, everything is simple and well laid out, so there is nothing to complain about.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @konqi display help.