Install the signature plugin

I’m referring to Discourse Signatures - plugin - Discourse Meta.

I find it incredibly useful, because when I contribute to a conversation, 50% of the time I’m only interested in responses to what I’ve posted about (a bit like in a ierarchically threaded conversation, like at Help me find a fitting distro - Linux - but others don’t consider this, meaning I frequently need to remain subscribed to threads I’m ultimately not interested in.

To solve this, I have


When responding to me, remember to tag me, in case I’m not subscribed.

set as my signature.

You can see an example of this in any of my responses and posts at Profile - rokejulianlockhart - Air Cadet Central, like If you could redesign the uniform, what would you add to it? - #423 by rokejulianlockhart - Uniform and Drill - Air Cadet Central.