Is there a kde pixelfed client?

Hello everyone! I was trying pixelfed, an instagram like federated platform, and I was wondering if there was an app (hopefully a kde or qt app) that I could use as a pixelfed client. I tried Mastodon Tokodon, I thought it could work since they both use activitypub (as far as I know, I am still learning about this federated thing), but it didn’t work.

Greetings! :smiley:

Try Tokodon - KDE Applications

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Sorry, with Mastodon I meant Tokodon, my bad. Thanks anyways!

Afaik Tokdon should work.

Tokodon supports most of Mastodon’s features, as well as multiple accounts so you can manage your group and personal lives in one app.
Tokodon is also compatible with other fediverse servers like Pixelfed, GoToSocial, Akkoma and more.

What problem do you have using Tokodon?

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While there is not a native KDE pixelfed client, Tokodon will work but only in the next major release due to API differences (see Remove manual authcode copy step (!266) · Merge requests · Network / Tokodon · GitLab). That will at least let you log in, but there’s still room to improve, e.g. a gallery view and whatnot :slight_smile:

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It gives an url where I can grant access to my pixelfed account, but then nothing appears on tokodon, only some error messages

Oh thank you very much! I’ll keep an eye on the new releases!

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