Is there a Kmail aggregation by subject or conversation?

I am trying to show threaded emails that are threaded by subject/conversation. Kinda like Gmail.

I don’t see a subject/conversation option for aggregation. I’m not sure how to configure this?

I think what you want is accessible using the menu View → Message List → Aggregation and selecting the right option (e.g. ones ending with “Threaded”). If any of the options is not exactly what you need you can also select Configure from the Aggregation menu and set some advanced options in the Groups & Threading tab.

These settings are also available from the KMail Configuration → Appearance → Message List tab.

Some documentation that could be of help:


There’s also the simpler “Standard Mailing List” option but like @JLP said there are a few for you to try out.

Thanks! I will try these out.