Is there a way to export configuration changes?

I tested KDE Plasma on an older laptop running KDE Neon. I tweaked a bunch of settings like button sizes, keyboard shortcuts, so many that I can’t even remember exactly, and starting over from scratch would be painful. I like my setup. Now I would like a way to export all my custom changes, in case I want to get the same setup on another machine. Is there a way of easily doing this?

my plan is to clone the entire /home partition to my new machine.

at a minimum you want to take all of ~/.config/* and ~/.local/share/* with you

i don’t know if that would get everything tho, or what complications it might create if you were to say move from neon to some other more stable KDE distro like kubuntu or opensuse.

there is no handy “export settings” utility that i know of

i just learned that if you use flatpaks at all you will also want to at a minimum keep everything in ~/.var/* because that’s where flatpak installs keep their configurations and settings.