Is there a way to inspect the raw contents of a drag/drop (or copy/paste) operation?

I very often run into issues with drag and drop on KDE (specifically Kubuntu). Often I have no idea where to report bugs as it’s not always clear which app or component is causing the bug. Recently I’ve been wanting a way of being able to inspect the raw data which is being transferred on a drag/drop operation, to better be able to judge when they might work and where to report bugs. This is most relevant during complex drag/drop operations involving multiple files or items of different types. Having a similar way of inspecting the raw pasteboard data would also be very useful, although in my experience copying and pasting is much more reliable and stable on KDE than dragging and dropping.

I wasn‘t able to find any good tools for inspecting this data. Does such a thing exist? Something like a task manager panel which I can drag things onto to inspect them would be perfect.