Is this a bug?: Panels on same edge are offset since Plasma 6.0

Hello! I recently jumped onto Plasma 6 and love it. But! My Plasma 5.25-5.27 panel layout had 2+ panels on the same edge, which now on 6.0-6.2 pre-alpha has one of them being offset by the height of the other.

I could imagine this being intentional for a traditional panel at the top and a global menu right below.

But the way these offset panels will “de-float” into open air is jank and casts extra shadows, it seems unintentional? And you can get cursed results very quickly. I Ctrl-F’d through PointiestStick to see if this was ever mentioned – I didn’t see it.

Left sliver is my old panel, middle sliver is how a similar layout looks on 6.0-6.2 (June 10th dev build), and the bulk on the right is kitties :slight_smile:

Thats a bug unfortunatly :frowning:

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