Jobs running, every time I start kdenlive. Why?

Kdenlive keeps running jobs a secret, so I can’t tell you what they are.

I work on a project, everything is cool.
I shut down kdenlive.
Next day I open kdenlive, 42 jobs are queued, takes about 30 minutes to get them done. Transcoding again? Previews again? Or something else? WHY? They were done already.

1.) What is it doing?
2.) Why aren’t the jobs displayed PROMINENTLY since they’re slamming the system so hard it’s not usable?
3.) Why was it finished with jobs/previews/transcodes while I was working, then it has to do them all over again when I re-open?

The lack of visibility is a bit frustrating.

If jobs are started in the project bin, then the cache of the clips is not there anymore.
Which OS do you have (Linux, Windows, Mac)?
Is there a setting which clean-up all cached data when you switch off your PC?

Please check your Kdenlive cache settings.
Details see here: Configure Kdenlive — Kdenlive Manual 23.08 documentation → Environment → Make sure your cache is not set to 0 (zero).

And here: Manage Cached Data — Kdenlive Manual 23.08 documentation