Juk music player can't separate singers correctly

I am a music lover and I have a collection of local music files, but the Juk player can’t read the artists from the song files very well.
Example: I have a song called Schwarzer Regen by Hatsune Miku and regulus, and another song called 神のまにまに by Hatsune Miku and GUMI, However, Juk incorrectly identified the artist of Schwarzer Regen as “Hatsune Miku regulus” instead of “Hatsune Miku and regulus”, so I could not find all the works she participated in through the artist “Hatsune Miku”.

OS: Ubuntu 2204 LTS
Juk Version: 21.12.3
KDE Plasma version: 5.27.11

例子:我有一首《Schwarzer Regen》由“初音未来”和“regulus”创作,另外一首《神的随波逐流》由“初音未来”和“GUMI”创作,但是Juk播放器错误的识别《Schwarzer Regen》的艺术家为“初音未来 regulus”而不是“初音未来和regulus”,这样导致我无法通过“初音未来”这一个艺术家找到所有她所参与创作的所有作品。