Just want to sing your praises

Man I love KDE Plasma 5.

I’ve switched to Linux at home from windows for maybe the 3rd time in around 2021 or 2022. My previous switches were in the 2000s and 2010s. In the past I’ve eventually went back to windows for various reasons, like gaming, compatibility, and just general difficulty of getting things to work on Linux. One major reason though is that I was never really happy with the desktop environment I used. KDE3 was good but kinda buggy, gnome 2 was stable but was too simple. KDE4 came out and while it kept the general paradigm, it broke everything and was slow and unbearable to use. GNOME 3 meanwhile was an absolute disaster in usability and seemed to cater to ipad users more than desktop users at the time. For the longest time I’ve been using MATE desktop because it stuck to the gnome 2 design.

Now I’m back on KDE. It’s been a dream. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually prefer it over Windows. It has lots of customizeability options. Everything I didn’t like about Windows 10 and 11 I can actually fix here, and more. The customization catering to the way I work is what makes plasma so good. It feels like it’s actually designed for desktop users, not desktop/touchscreen hybrid one-size-fits-all that Microsoft is trying to push, and that’s a good thing. Keyboard shortcuts galore. I can mess around with title bar buttons and add stuff like “keep on top”. I can make windows transparent with a mouse wheel movement. I can add all sorts of widgets, and make my own too… Even scaling which was a pain point on Linux now works amazingly well in plasma (when using wayland)… in many ways it works better than Windows, particularly when having multiple monitors with different scaling values. All this, and yet everything feels mega fast on my 2016 laptop that is now considered obsolete for Windows 11. Its amazing.

Customization requires more programming work and I think the general trend in software is to make things less customizeable to reduce programming effort… but not so in KDE it seems… and I’m happy for it… it really makes users like myself so happy and satisfied.

I haven’t used Plasma 6 yet, I’m waiting for Manjaro to upgrade to it in stable… I’m guessing there will be some bugs, as expected with any new major release. But it doesn’t seem like it’ll be the drastic change that came when KDE4 came out, or when GNOME 3 came out. And that’s a good thing. I hope the KDE plasma team keeps doing the good work and staying in this direction.

Also, I freaking love wobbly windows, please never get rid of it.


Count me in on that!

I switched to Linux from macOS around 2019 and was a happy Manjaro Cinnamon user since then. When Plasma 6 came out, I tested Manjaro with Plasma 5 and totally loved it from the beginning, mostly for the same reasons you listed. It’s basically perfect and so beautiful I sometimes just sit there and stare at my desktop.

Also, being an old man who seems to have more and more problems reading on a glaring white screen with black letters on it, I now switched to dark mode with pretty much everything. Dark mode in Plasma is so much more usable than on any other OS I have tried that so far.

I hope the switch to Plasma 6 is smooth.


Let us know how the switch goes. We’ll wait for you on the Plasma 6 side :smile:


Wobbly Windows 4 lyfe

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Should not jump to 6 just yet. I would buy another drive and then install KDE 6.

Agreed on all. I also find the Dolphin file manager to be quite good

And wobbly windows are so silly but I love them, too!!

I am planning to use timeshift with btrfs snapshots in case something went horribly wrong. Not sure if that’s a good idea though

I just upgraded my laptop to Manjaro with Plasma 6(.0.4). Not a single problem or missing setting so far. Very impressive.


Well i just upgraded to Plasma 6 on manjaro on both my machines. I made sure to read teh release notes in Manjaro’s forum before doing it, and did several snapshots etc. The upgrade went very smoothly :slight_smile:

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