Kactivitymanagerd is crashing repetitively


I see all the time the error message “kactivitymanagerd stopped unexpectedly” and it’s pretty annoying. How do i stop the said app to crash ?

You may have a corrupted history file.
You can try removing the file ~/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/resources/database, this will remove all the saved recent apps in plasmashell menu and recent files and folders. This will reappear over time still.

And you can help the community fix the crash, by diagnosing it.

Crashes are easy to fix once we have crash traces.
Fortunately this is relatively simple to get these days.

It should be as simple as running a command in a terminal (like konsole):

For arch/Endeavour, DEBUGINFOD_URLS="https://debuginfod.archlinux.org/" coredumpctl -1 gdb kactivitymanagerd

For kubuntu/neon, DEBUGINFOD_URLS="https://debuginfod.ubuntu.com/" coredumpctl -1 gdb kactivitymanagerd

This will take a little while and download a bunch of data.
You will need to type the ENTER key to keep it going.
Once the last line is a prompt (gdb), type in bt then hit enter and report the output. You can then quit with CTRl+D or closing the terminal.

The same command can be adapted for any program crashing.

For those curious:

The command you provided is not working.

stem@stem-KDEneon:~$ DEBUGINFOD_URLS="https://debuginfod.ubuntu.com/" coredumpctl -1 gdb kactivitymanagerd
No match found.

But i deleted the database file, i’ll see if it works.