Kate sessions - need help


I want a simple behavior with my Kate editor, but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
All I want is that any file that I open will be opened in a myFiles Session. That’s it.
But… apparently the behavior is somewhat off. If Kate is opened, I get myFiles Session just fine, but when Kate is closed and I try to open a new(existing on disk already) file while navigating Dolphin, I just get a freshly new Session…
Is there a way to handle it so it will ALLWAYS open in myFiles Session NOMATTERWHAT?
It drives me crazy…

You can open Kate in a specific session using the -s <SESSION_NAME> arguments. If you really want to always open every file in that session then you should change the application’s settings:

  • In Dolphin right click on any text file
  • Properties
  • Click on the change button at the Open with something else
  • In the new window select Kate and click on Edit
  • In the 2. pop-up window click on the Application tab at the top
  • Change the arguments accordingly from “-b %U” to “-b -s myFiles %U”
  • Click OK, then OK then OK.

Now Kate shoud you the myFiles session by default if you open something in Dolphin (and any other application)