KDE 5.23 on Slackware Crashing


I discovered that my KDE DE 5.23 on Slackware 15.0 stable is crashing last week. Using X11, Plasma in safe mode and Wayland crashes.

The newest patch has been applied to the system. I have been looking for days online for a solution and well, I’m out of ideas and not sure how to fix this.

Any help, advise or ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance

Some folks here might have ideas that could help, but I’m afraid you might have better luck reaching out to whoever the folks are who are maintaining 5.23 in Slackware. That version of Plasma hasn’t been maintained or supported by KDE developers directly for over two years now, so any new patches are coming from the Slackware folks.

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Thanks @johnandmegh for the quick reply.

I look forward to any ideas that folks here may have.


During the update yesterday a new kernel, new modules for the kernel and a new Firefox solved the problem.

I can now configure the desktop or select any wallpaper I’d like to now.