KDE bugtracker is confusing. Is it just me?

Today I reported my first bug to the KDE bugtracker after I noticed dolphin was crashing when the space key is pressed. So I went to the bugtracker, got on the search page and litetally chose the category for dolphin and searched for “space” . No recent bugs were shown, so I continued to write the report. However, I promtly found out that there are 6 (six!!) duplicate bugs and that this issue surfaced a month ago when I got notified about my bug being another duplicate.
So, the issue is: is the search feature on KDE bugtracker a bit lacking? Did all those people who reported the duplicates try to search and too found nothing? Did they not check first? Or is it that we all somehow don’t know how to use the search properly?
Wondering if someone had a similar experience.

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KDE uses the bugzilla bug tracker. Its a bit tricky to use. I don’t know how you searched, but there is a good chance you only looked at currently open bug reports.
For example the default search bar only shows open bugs. Your bug was already fixed in the development version and therefore it didn’t show up.

There are good reasons why KDE uses this bug tracker instead of gitlab:

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thanks for helping.


has good tips for how to formulate a search… yes, it’s a lot.