KDE choppy on arch/fedora but smooth on Neon (ubuntu) : why?

I’m new in the community.
I wanted to give a try with KDE which is very attractive on an asus laptop (i5, nvidia 1050ti).
I installed a vanilla arch, then downloaded KDE … choppy, impossible to run for a daily usage.
So I downloaded manjaro/kde, it was better … but still laggy on windows opening.

I tried also Fedora/KDE spin: laggy.

At this point, you could think that the laptop is too old … but no, it’s a gaming one, not that old. So I didn’t give up and I decided to download KDE Neon … and suddenly, the perfect magic, everything is smooth, I can also add some funky effects to it.

I’m wondering what this could be due to ? Is there some “special tunings” or anything that could explain that ?

I would use Garuda over Manjaro and if it is laggy like the others I would suggest going into the Garuda forums and asking for help. One note if you do try Garuda and go to the forums for help please follow the instructions presented to you in the template, including your grauda-inxi.

Well. i didn’t think about garuda.
thanks …

but it’s not an explanation

Most likely your issues are either third-party software you added or hardware issues and not related to Plasma itself. you don’t tell us if you’re using x11 or Wayland which in and of itself can cause the type of issues you’re talking about.

Maybe there are some drivers included in the install process for Neon that don’t come with Arch, Manjaro, or Fedora? I run EndeavourOS (an Arch derivative) and I had to install a few packages to get the best performance out of my machine.

Also, if your laptop has dual graphics: integrated + discrete GPU, different distros handle this in different ways. Arch certainly doesn’t come with any way to manage this out of the box.

Neon is based on Ubuntu - a beginner friendly distro. It would make sense for this to be handled already in an Ubuntu based distro, whereas Arch is for advanced users and Fedora is geared towards the enterprise (which will have professional IT teams). I’m still not entirely sure who Manjaro is meant for, but having used it on a dual-GPU Nvidia laptop, I think it just defaults to using the integrated GPU.

While visiting the garuda site, I noticed that OpenGL 3.3 was a requirement, so I searched in that direction, and it appeared that by installing libva-intel-driver, it works just like Neon does - even without using the nvidia gpu

So for those coming after : libva-intel-driver.