KDE Connect can't fileshare

After some initial frustration trying to get my Galaxy S10e to share its files with my Lubuntu 22.04LTS system, I was able to get it to work by bookmarking the folders that went to my SD card and my phone. (For some reason, though it could connect to the phone, when I use “Browse Device” it opens a top-level folder with no visible content, no way to browse down in the directory tree…just an empty folder.)

After several months of the “bookmark” system working well, it now suddenly says “Error, no such file or directory” and I’m back to square one.

Does anyone with a similar system have this working and if so, can you post your path? I know the ID of my SD card, and the path used to be “…/storage/XXXX-YYYY” (for the SD card) and “…/storage/emulated/0” for the main phone’s storage.

I greatly appreciate any help. KDE Connect is so amazing but I just wish basic filesharing wasn’t so crazy hard!