KDE Connect QoL

GSconnect has an option to keep the connection between devices alive even when your phone is locked. Why not add the same option in KDE connect? Thanks/Sorry for wasting your time in advance.

Isn’t this already a thing? With my phone locked, I can ring my phone from my desktop, if I receive a call it will pause playing media, I can stop and start playing media from the lock screen and so on.

I honestly don’t know. I’ve been using KDE connect on multiple computers and more often than not, my phone will be locked and disconnect from my computer, forcing me to attempt to reconnect multiple times, except when I was using GSconnect, with the option to keep the connection going checked.

I wonder if this is a battery saving setting or something on your phone?

You know, that’s a GOOD question! Will test and report back.

This is a phone setting, not a computer setting.
You probably have a low timer to keep apps alive or smthn.

That’s not an option I’ve seen anywhere in phone settings

I feel like nine times out of ten when I have a similar issue it’s this setting.

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Seems like this solved my issue! Thanks for the assist.

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