KDE Help bypass

How do I access help files from non-KDE programs.
The issue I’m currently having is that the help buttons on the menu and help buttons throughout Gnucash open KDE help with documentation not found, even though the help files are installed by the package manager.
How can I either enable its help files to work with KDE help, or have Gnucash’s help buttons open the correct files elsewhere?
Arch Linux.

click on the desktop, type “file associations” and go to the settings page from the search results.

you can then search for “help” types and associate the program you want to use instead.

does that work?

It seems to be a bug on KDE, KDE default help viewer seems to be unable to find and view some GTK apps’ help, the same happens with EasyEffects , Meld, OCRFeeder…

GTK apps uses yelp to view their help files.

Open your terminal and run yelp

Then click “All Help” to scan for compatible ones:


That finds it, but is there any way to get the buttons in gnucash, or other yelp dependants, to open there?
That’s important because it will open the help file to the relevant section.

Try to remove khelpcenter package:

sudo pacman -R khelpcenter

Then you will get yelp to open GTK apps’ help, but for KDE apps’ help it will choose default browser as viewer.

It seems those GTK apps uses a specific files DocBook (.xml) or Mallard (.page), while most KDE apps docs are HTML files.