KDE Konsole incorrectly displays NerdFonts

I have set up the JetBrainsMono NerdFont and set it as the Konsole terminal font, but the individual glyphs don’t quite match up in height and there are small gaps between the special characters. I noticed this when trying out NVChad. Weirldy, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the font itself, as it works perfectly fine in different terminal emulators like kitty. What could I be doing wrong?

In the past I had similar issues with BiDi fonts, but its OK for me now. I would recommend messing around with the “Complex Text Layout” options in the profile (under “Appearance”).

Also, I see other people discussing NerdFonts in Konsole, here: Konsole, nerdfonts looks strange

I have played around with these settings, but nothing helped.

Then I apologize, but I don’t know how to help further :person_shrugging: