KDE Neon unstable, cursor small on FireFox. FireFox close button invisible

I just installed Neon and updated it all, to test KDE 6.0. I have not changed settings much other than changing the theme to dark and increasing the cursor size in the settings. It seems that the cursor becomes really small on non QT6 apps like FireFox or MPV. Also, FF’s window buttons are empty. I am using Wayland, 125% scaling.

Well, I tried to upload the screen recording that was recorded by the software that was installed by default, but this forum rejects the file format WEBM. This seems stupid. The file size is only 15KB. Why is GIF, which can be larger than 15KB allowed, but not the screen recording WEBM? Converting WEBM to GIF would make the file larger and converting itself is cumbersome. I had to upload it to imgur.


Support for uploading videos in the forum is indeed somewhat of a problem. I’m sure it is being worked on. GIF is not a video - its an image.

Regarding the problem with Firefox on Wayland - this is one of the Wayland issues(*): cursors are supposed to be drawn by the application and the application has to “just know” how to do it correctly.

There’s a discussion on reddit where people have suggested some workarounds - can you try it?

*) I contend that this and other issues like window decorations result from the same bad concepts from the GNOME project of “the applications are in charge of all the UI elements and behavior and its not a problem because we expect you to only run GNOME applications on your GNOME desktops and we don’t care anyone that isn’t using our blessed toolkit - if you don’t want it you are welcome to reinvent the wheel”.