KDE Plasma 6 issues go beyond Neon

This isn’t much of a “cry for help” as these issues are already being massed reported so I don’t feel inclined to actually contribute to the endless “help! I can’t sign in!” cries that have come due to the newest Plasma update.

I’m more so making this to address that this issue is not just on KDE Neon. Never even touched that thing. For me specifically, I have the issue occurring on an install of Arch Linux, something I installed probably a year ago by this point. On top of that, I believe I have something appear that doesn’t show for most people and that’s an error regarding the theme I have for the theme on the log in screen. I can’t remember what it says and I’m not rebooting to take a picture of it, but I can say it did indeed say something like “There was an error loading your theme” or something like that and it linked to file directories.

I’m going to entrust everything to the wonderful devs of Plasma and hope they can fix this buggy beta build (I hope everyone encountering this is using a beta build anyways) so we can all have a very awesome and very cool Plasma experience. I just felt like sharing something that I don’t see much of when regarding this issue.

Wish you all the best!