KDE Plasma desktop issues remain after fresh reinstallation of Debian Linux

Not if you use YAST, just as I said. YAST handles all of those links and stuff automatically. No one but SUSE does this.

Are you sure he can read your stuff here @WilsonEPhillips ?
He told me to stay away so that is mostly what I will do, just making sure you are not screaming into the darkness here. xD

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Well, he says I am not blocked and he reads every post. I just try to keep helping, but I don’t get the feeling it is appreciated.

It’s probably in my best interest to just walk away and be done with it.

Gnome is not intended to be used as a traditional desktop environment.

I saw it, and explained that I find it bizarre that this is necessary in the first place, and makes me completely lose faith in the openSUSE team.

Let’s not go nuts.

I’m 99% convinced that you must be reading somebody else’s posts and attributing them to me. I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about with this.

What does this mean?

Huh? I’m not “biting” anyone or anything. Once again, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have noticed that some people are extremely eager to start trouble, though, and I can see why you would assume that I had blocked you. You must be experiencing that a lot if you have the same hostile attitude to them that you’ve had toward me for seemingly no reason.

I can “appreciate” a reply without necessarily “picking it as a solution”. I don’t want to “hack” their installer ISO. It’s crazy. It feels really bad psychologically. I don’t want to jump through hoops to fix the bug that the openSUSE developers have ignored even though they have known about it for ages. I find such an installer deeply insulting and it would drive me crazy trying to communicate with and get help from people with that mentality.

Here you are strongly implying that you’re this “bigger man” who is “done with” this “annoying person” (me), even though I’ve not done anything to you whatsoever. Stop picking fights with people. You only create enemies by having an condescending or toxic attitude. I don’t understand people who behave like this.

After lots of thinking, discussions and trying out Linux installers in VMs, I’ve concluded that any other Linux distribution is infeasible, and to keep running Debian and instead buy the cheapest possible AMD graphics card for my current system (to begin with). It will be extremely interesting to see if this fixes the Plasma desktop issues, which it should if the information I’ve been given is accurate. However, I still think that Plasma’s desktop should have a “CPU mode”, for those stuck with NVIDIA hardware.

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Well, You worked it out to your satisfaction. Good for you.

It was a miss type. I meant to say "I could sit here and do “quote” after “quote” the way you do everyone else

You read way more into everything I said. Again, I am sorry that I tried to help. Please accept my apology.

Yes you are, and tbh, I am surprised anybody answers your posts at all.

Every single sentence after people giving you advice or solutions is either “it is crazy I have to do that” or “it is soooo bad this is not automated like it is on windows”.

If you do not want to use linux, nobody is forcing you to.

You did absolutely nothing wrong, don’t you dare apologizing. :heart:

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I spent a fair amount of time going back through all of @ExXfceUser’s posts as listed in his profile. His profile is eye opening. It is amazing how many people have tried to help him only to see him turn on them.

I cannot overstate the amount of regret that I have for ever attempting to help him. It’s like letting a vampire into the house. I guess you could now say that the apology is to myself.