KDE plasma freezes during Zoom call with multiple monitors setup, cursor can be moved

Sometimes randomly out of the blue while in a Zoom conference call the desktop freezes, I can use the cursor but can’t click (like kwin not working).

I am using nvidia card with commercial drivers installed using Kubuntu drivers thingy.

What I try:
In a new virtual terminal I kill:
kwin, krunner, plasmashell.
then I start them with:

kstart5 kwin
kstart5 krunner
kstart5 plasmashell

Sometimes works, sometimes not.
Digging into the dmesg logs I only see Audit errors for all snap like apps (zoom is installed from apt) that are spammed.

What should I investigate in which logs when this happens again?

I also have an nvidia card and some crashes, I usually just do
kwin_x11 --replace or plasmashell --replace
from KRunner.
Sadly I can’t help further.
This post should be in the #help category, not #community.

Yes, but the whole plasma is frozen, I can’t use krunner that’s why I use kstart to start services.

I use a virtual console to restart services, how to pass arguments to commands executing using kstart? So that I can pass the --replace argument.

for me it’s flickering and tearing, so I also don’t see krunner (at least properly) but after pressing the shortcut autocomplete does the rest