Kde-src build login session not showing up

I have managed to build my first Plasma using kde-src build. As far as I can tell, it built successfully but, for some reason the dev session is not showing up in the login screen. Looking over the script, it seems everything installed correctly, and I see the session .desktop launchers for wayland and x11 in the right place along with the standard launchers. I am using Neon User, not Neon Dev. Any suggestions?

The wayland session for me is just called (wayland) and the x11 session has no name at all in SDDM. But I can still choose them in SDDM.

Are the sessions just weirdly named for you or are they not there at all?

You are bang on. I have 5 entries. (Wayland), Plasma-Wayland, Kodi, Plasma-X11, and blank. I clicked on the blank entry, and it booted to my desktop looking normal. How would I go about checking to see if I am indeed in my compiled version?

Open the Kinfocenter, that should give you the info. Look at the Plasma and QT version.

I missed it when I looked a moment ago, but frameworks is a version higher in the blank session. So, I am indeed in my new build. Thank you!

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