KDE Store VDG Badge/Seal of Approval

The other day I came across a reddit post that reminded me of how I feel when I search for items within the KDE store: overwhelmed by clutter.

I’ve thought about this before, but never brought it up… so…

How about a VDG Approval Seal/Badge?

Some ideas of what it could consist of:

  • Community or VDG Approval
  • Theme will meet certain list of criteria (determined by appointed group or VDG)
  • Seal/Badge will be a searchable label in the KDE Store
  • Works can be submitted for approval or referred
  • Will be marked as original work or derivative of another’s work

I think that something like this would be of great help to the community to find high-quality complete themes quickly. It could apply to all store categories: different badges/seals for different categories, or one main seal if criteria requirements fit well with each category.

Anyway… it’s just a thought, and felt I should share! :smiley:

I imagine the approval committee to be overwhelmed by requests/demands such as “why is my theme approved? What does it mean ‘failed to pass criterion X’? What do I need to to pass this criterion?”

BTW: These types of posts/comments are rather common in reddit’s subs related to android development and apps that are eventually removed from play store :smiley:

Most definitely, and that’s where I think the implementation of such a system would come into play:

  • VDG would come up with a simple checklist, and that checklist can be utilized in two basic ways

    1. Client side, on the KDE store; community driven, but moderated by a group of moderators.

    2. In the “back-end” by some sort of panel.

The 2nd option would more than likely generate the requests/demands, but the first option would be up front on the client side for all to see. Kind of like user badges that occur when someone reaches an achievement on a forum, or ratings that are community driven.

I guess the first question would be: would something like this even be warranted? Personally, I think it would greatly benefit casual and new users, but I could be wrong.

I have no idea! It’s been decades since I stopped using custom themes/icons because always there was something off and that bugged me :slight_smile:

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