Kdenlive 23.08 beta

Is the Windows version the installable or the standalone. If not the Standalone where can I find the Standalone Version of 23.08 beta?

Rendering is broken, it’s hard to test kdenlive

Already fixed. You may test other regressions in the meantime. Thanks.

I too had the issue.
My solution was:
Go to Settings > run configuration Wizard > OK.
You may try it too…

23.04.8 beta and latest nightly (#664) both report render crashes immediately after starting a Render to File

There is a bug that is causing the latest versions of Kdenlive including this beta release to crash when importing video from DJI drones and other DJI devices. There is a bug already logged for this and is related to importing video from a DJI action cam 3 here: 467375 – program crashes when opening video file created by dji actioncam 3 That but was logged in March of this year but there has not been a fix in any builds yet.

I made a video that shows importing videos using 22.04.3 (which works) vs. importing the same videos using 23.04.3 (which crashes) and I get the same crash with the beta. Kdenlive 23.04.3 Crash when importing DJI videos - YouTube

|Edition|Windows 11 Pro|
|Installed on|‎7/‎21/‎2023|
|OS build|22621.2070|
|Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22659.1000.0|