Kdenlive Comand line rendering on one computer and remote editing on another?

With command line rendering in place, are there any tools to support editing on a lower performing computer with proxy clips, then passing on the project file/info to a higher performing computer, where a command line render could be done?

I work for an organization where most staff work remotely where data sharing costs become an issue. Producing good qualitly video has significant data sharing costs. Looking for ways to minimize this.

Hello @Gordon_Holtslander, welcome to the forum.
I think the way to work could be using the archive function.

On the performance PC: host the original clips. Generate an archive with only the proxy clips. Send the project file and the archive to the low performance PC.

On the low performance PC: make all editing needed. Make an archive and send the project file and the archive back to the performance PC.

Here some ideas: REMOTE COLLABORATIVE PROJECT (#1243) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab

See also some recent discussion on this in this thread: Rendering on a server: Manual generation of proxy clips and transferring project to other computer