Kdenlive crashes when i try and save project

when i try and save project to disk it freezes. I’m running version 23.04.3 (system is up to date).
I than have to kill the program. After i restart it i get an option to restore project, and it restores the project back with no problem. But when i try to save again it freezes.
I’m running Linux mint.

Any ideas?

Try undoing the last operations you did or temporarily removing some recently added clip, effect or transition until you can save again

Even if i make a new empty project, i cant save it again it freezes.
I even tried resting all configurations (factory reset) and still nothing.
I also tried and clear cache, and that did nothing.
Even tried clean installation and did nothing.

If not already done, use the AppImage. I guess this is a packaging issue from the distributor.