Kdenlive crashes when trying to restore from autosave

I’m running Kdenlive on Windows. Starting a new project, I imported a bunch of raw clips from OBS recordings and a ZV-E1 camera. While Kdenlive was making the audio waveforms, I went into the general and project settings and turned on proxy clips, then selected all of the clips and clicked on the checkbox to create proxy clips.

I then used my computer for other tasks. When I returned to Kdenlive the interface was frozen and it stopped responding. I left it running for about 30 minutes before killing it with Task Manager. Now, whenever I launch Kdenlive, it tells me that it has detected an autosaved project before it crashed and whether I’d like to recover it. If I select recover, it brings up the original project with the clips I imported, with the “28 jobs” showing on top. After a second or two Kdenlive crashes and goes away.