KDENLive not processing MTS files correctly

I have an older Sony camcorder that uses the MTS file format. Like most video recorders it records in 20 minute chunks. When I bring those files into KDENLive to append them together it appears that, though the files are consecutive, they are processed “individually” because the audio at the “seams” isn’t correct. If I simply append one file to another, things are processed just fine, however, I end up with files that are unwieldy (each individual file is about 2GB and 6 or so files for a 2 hour recording is about 12GB) and sometimes crash KDENLive. KDENLive seems to be able to handle the individual files better than the one large file, but the “clicks” that get generated in the audio are unbearable. Is there something else I can do?

KDenlive drove me to the point that I gave on it, either would not load (usually) or seemed to load then crashed, a few tries over two days uninstalled that and settled for
Mystiq video converter for recorded tv onto dvd then into mp4
Avidemux for editing not one problem inc merging two 950 Mb and 980 Mb mp4s
all saved as H246 + MKV mp4

Simple apps that simply work no fancy GUI just works to get the work done.
They should be in your Distros Repo.
Hope this helps.