Keyboard input not detected only after logging in

I just installed kde neon last night, and everything went great at first. But after restarting, my keyboard input is no longer detected after log-in – the keyboard works fine on the log in screen, but once I get to the desktop, not a single app will detect my keyboard input. This includes settings, konsole/terminal, browsers, app store, search menu, etc.

These are the things I’ve already tried to fix this:

  • I installed the Solaar app to help detect my keyboard (It’s a logitech wave keyboard) and paired and unpaired it twice. I also paired/unpaired it in a separate spot from my original (The keyboard accepts 3 devices at a time, I moved from device 1 to device 3 to see if that would work).
  • I reset the keyboard settings to default, and also tried switching the keyboard type to Logitech | Logitech.
  • I installed all system updates.
  • I rebooted multiple times.
  • I chose the X11 option instead of Wayland (I’m not entirely sure what this is, but it didn’t fix the problem, at any rate).
  • I re-installed kde neon one more time, but the same thing happened again – first boot, great. Second boot onwards, the keyboard won’t work once I’m logged in.

For reference, my keyboard works fine on my Win10 install (on a separate hard drive), and my mouse from the same series (logitech lift) works fine in kde neon. It’s only the keyboard that’s giving me issues.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do? Especially since I can’t use keyboard input, so I can’t use the terminal? (I couldn’t get any onscreen keyboards to work either.)