Kf.xmlgui: cannot find .rc file

I have just created two new systems using LFS/BLFS (Version 11.3) and I have installed KDE Frameworks 5 on both.
I have installed kdbg (kdbg-3.0.0) on both systems, however on one system kdbg works fine no problems on the other kdbg reports:
kf.xmlgui: cannot find .rc file “kdbgui.rc” for component “kdbg”
and the gui is broken and unusable (no icons)
strace show that the kdbgrc file is found:
access(“/root/.config/kdbgrc”, F_OK) = 0
and /opt/kf5/share/kxmlgui5/kdbg/kdbgui.rc is present.
Any suggestions how to fix this please.

Those are talking about two different .rc files, where it does it try to access /opt/kf5/share/kxmlgui5/kdbg/kdbgui.rc? I’m guessing it’s installed in the wrong folder.

I’m sorry to say you won’t get much in-depth help here, unless it’s a KDE-specific issue (which I don’t think it is.) :frowning: