Kickoff category navigation

firstoff, I like KDE plasma very much, but :slight_smile:
I find it personally very disturbing, that the launcher in plasma 6 only has
the hovering mode and not the mouse click mode to select the categories.

It is disturbing because, you often hover over a category by accident and
you have to navigate back then it is just not good anymore.

Feel like I want to
fork kickoff especially because tiled menu also does not work since plasma 6

See 452636 – Humble request to bring back the option to turn off "activate on hover" for sidebar categories.

hello, thanks for the hint, I managed to
setup plasma-sdk and make a fork of kickoff to
in my local plasmoids directory, with this fork
that nerving feature disabled, now just working fine

@ngraham , a have 2 questions though:

by disabling root hover ( see screenshot ) was the problem fixed for me,

  1. The question: how is that problem so simple to solve, and
    no one did it yet
  2. would it make sense to fork it to com.git.zren, and if yes
    how should I alter the metadata.json, considering the fact I only changed 1 line of code