Kid3-cli: Multiple values in MP4 metadata?

I’m running Kid3 3.9.5 on Windows. With ID3 tags, I can use a pipe to set multiple values in a tag like this:

kid3-cli.exe -c "set TCON 'Genre 1'|'Genre 2'" myfile.mp3

And that works great!

I can’t figure out if it’s possible with MP4 metadata. I couldn’t find anything in the Kid3 Handbook. I’ve tried different permutations, but can’t get anything to work:

kid3-cli.exe -c "set ©gen 'Genre 1'|'Genre 2'" myfile.m4a
kid3-cli.exe -c "set ©gen 'Genre 1';'Genre 2'" myfile.m4a
kid3-cli.exe -c "set ©gen 'Genre 1'/'Genre 2'" myfile.m4a
kid3-cli.exe -c "set ©gen 'Genre 1'\`0'Genre 2'" myfile.m4a
kid3-cli.exe -c "set ©gen 'Genre 1'\`n'Genre 2'" myfile.m4a
kid3-cli.exe -c "set ©gen[0] 'Genre 1'" "set ©gen[1] 'Genre 2'" myfile.m4a

I did read on another forum that neither TagLib or mp4v2 support multiple values so it wouldn’t be possible, but that post was over five years old. Has anything changed?

I’m pretty sure the answer will be that it doesn’t support it, but I figured I’d ask anyway.

Thanks for any help!

You do not need to use format specific names like “TCON” or “©gen”. Just use the unified frame names. kid3-cli.exe -c "set genre 'Genre 1|Genre 2'" myfile.m4a works.

Hey that does work! Thank you!

I didn’t think there would be a difference between the way kid3 does the specific tag names and unified ones.

I appreciate the help!