Kid3-cli - Questions about ignore tag

I have a couple questions about the “/” symbol, “ignore” tag and ability to ignore items in other ways.

Before I begin just keep in mind that I am using these commands in a program that allows user to create tools out of them, meaning they could be applied to single or multiple files at once. I am trying to make these tools be as universal (be used in as many ways) as possible. Also I am using ID3V2.3 where genre names can be custom.

I thought that the “/” symbol would act like a containerized element if used with folder names but it does not appear that this is correct?
(I apologize kind of tricky to explain)

So for example say I want to remove the prefix from the genre folder which in example below is “1111 - “
When I run the following command
kid3-cli -c “totag ‘%{ignore} - %{genre}/%{artist}/%{album}/%{track} - %{title}’” %f
to the following folder structure
1111 – Genre / Artist / 2222 – Album / 08 – Title
everything works fine
Genre = Genre
Artist = Artist
Album = 2222 – Album
Track = 8
Title = Title

If I run the same command to the following folder structure, where the genre does NOT contain a “1111 - “ prefix
Genre / Artist / 2222 – Album / 08 – Title
I was hoping that Genre tag would just = Genre which it does, but then what is strange is that the artist and album tags get shifted to the left.
So it appears as if the “/” do not do what I thought they did, if that makes sense. Are they just a there for a visual purpose?
Produces the following results
Genre = Genre
Artist = 2222
Album = Album
Track = 8
Title = Title

If anything I would think that the “Genre” tag would be the issue.
I apologize, I know I am not necessarily using the program correctly but the results generated just bring up a couple of questions.

The next question I have is, is there a way to ignore certain symbol or amount of characters from the beginning or end of a folder name?
Only way I have seen is the ability to use the {ignore} tag along with a “ - “ prefix or suffix.
(Probably not because I imagine would be tricky to program)
So say for example you have a Genre folder that contains an underscore at the beginning
is there any way to not add the “
” underscore to the genre tag?
Or lets say there is some kind of common prefix to folder name
“0000 GENRE”
is there a way to not show the “0000 “ from the genre tag?
Basically ability to remove a specific symbol or prefix
(that does not contain a “ - “ divider like I believe the {ignore} tag requires to function properly)

Thank you to anyone who reads this and for any help offered

Still interested if anyone has any ideas
Thank You