Kid3-cli - Way to remove characters when using folder names for tags

Before I begin just keep in mind that I am using these commands in a program that allows user to create tools out of them, meaning they could be applied to single or multiple files at once. I am trying to make these tools be as universal (be used in as many ways) as possible.
Also I am using ID3V2.3 where genre names can be custom.

When using folder/file names to fill in ID3 tags, I was wondering if there are certain things within an folder/files name that you didn’t want to include in the tag, is there a way to somehow remove them? Maybe something similar to the {ignore} or maybe some kind of Regex type of ability?


Say the GENRE folders name is
1234 - APPLE
but you don’t want the "#### - " number prefix in the tag name

Say the GENRE folders name is
but you don’t want the “_” underscore prefix in the tag name

Say the GENRE folders name is
APPLE - 1234
but you don’t want the " - ####" number suffix in the tag name

I am just giving three examples above.
If names include prefix or suffix they will follow a pattern, meaning that they will have same amount of characters, so if there is a way to remove a specific number of characters from the beginning or end of names, that would work.

I have not tried this in a while but last I left off I was trying commands like
kid3-cli -c “totag ‘%{ignore} - %{genre}/%{artist}/%{album}/%{track} - %{title}’” %f
Was trying to see if I could get the {ignore} tag to remove the a "#### - " prefix, but couldn’t get this to work.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and for any help offered