Kirigami with pyside but easy crossplatform

Crossplaform App with Pyside and Kirigami

My issue is, that i cant find an easy way, to package Kirigami for use in Windows and most Linux Distro’s.

Is there a windows lib package or a pip package that i can use to get easy crosscompatibility.

Are you asking a way to package Kirigami or a Kirigami application? For “most linux distros” and “Windows” we already solve the problem of packaging
Kirigami: with distributions packaging Kirigami separately and Craft respectively

I want to make a UI Programm.
I have a python poetry project with Pyside6.
I cant just use any Kirigami package on any distro (because of version missmatch) and on windows i have no clue how i would get Kirigami into the QML addon path.

Generally you’d use both PySide and Kirigami from the distro, since as you correctly assessed, Kirigami and PySide need to be both built against the same Qt version.

The better way to address packaging on the Linux side would be to use flatpak to be honest, it avoids this mismatching issue altogether (since you can trivially select the right version you need), but there’s no BaseApp for PySide yet unfortunately :frowning: .

See Python with Kirigami | Developer, the current tutorial is about PyQt but 95% of it applies to PySide as well.

I also wanted to use Flatpak for Linux.
I just dont know, how i would do the library linking on Windows.
Is there a ready-made windows Kirigami package that i can use?
I struggle with cmake compilation and cant find binary on the Gitlab.