Kmail - Cannot Import .tar.bz2 Archive

Hi all,

Using Kmail, I created an archive of old emails. These are archived in a .tar.bz2 file.

My issue now is that I cannot seem to find a way to import that archive and restore the emails. I have tried the import/export function under Tools, but that only allows a .zip file. I have also tried extracting the contents of the archive myself to maybe use the “import messages” option under File, but that option is always greyed out for some reason.

After looking around the Internet quite a bit I see that others have had similar issues before, but I haven’t been able to find a solution yet so I thought I would ask here.

Many thanks for any help,


Just checking, but you’ve tried extracting and then compressing to a zip, right?

Hi Nathan,

Yes, I also tried extracting the contents of the .tar.bz2 archive and putting the contents into a .zip file. When I do this, the PIM importer recognises the file and says that it has imported the contents. Unfortunately when I take a look the emails are still not there. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place?

Also, does anyone know what the file type is for the emails that are archived? They don’t seem to be .EML files from what I can see. But I can open the files in LibreOffice Writer (I wonder why it doesn’t suggest Kate?) and see the contents of each email.

Many thanks again,