KMail, digiKam opening folder in GNOME Files instead of Dolphin

I’m seeing some peculiar behaviour.

  • digiKam: I right click a photo and choose “Open in File Manager”. It opens, but in GNOME Files.
  • KMail: I save an attachment to a location on disk. I click the button “Open folder where attachment was saved”. Again, it opens GNOME Files.

Curiously, I have definitely seen digiKam use Dolphin before but I haven’t changed anything as far as I know.

My default file manager is set correctly:

It is also the default for inode/directory:

$ xdg-mime query default inode/directory

I’m running Debian testing/bookworm. Is there another setting somewhere I need to check?

This is 397953 – KIO::highlightInFileManager does not respect default file manager setting when launched via FileManager1 DBus activation. It’s a tricky problem that is not really a KDE issue per se; more like an oversight in the file manager choosing spec which failed to anticipate the use case of having multiple file managers installed at once.


  • Run dolphin --daemon at login (Fedora KDE does this automatically)
  • Uninstall file managers you don’t want to ever launch when you trigger “Open in File Manager” actions

Aha, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!

You’re very welcome!