KMM 5.1.3 and chipcard in AQBanking

I am using KMM 5.1.3 on Devuan 5 Daedalus which is basically Debian 12 Bookworm with a different init system, Cinnamon Desktop, German language. AQBanking 6.5.3 is installed and the Configure AQBanking option is present in the menu.

I have a chipcard reader from ReinerSCT called tanJACK USB and a chipcard from my main bank DKB. The card and the reader are working, I can pass them through to a Win7 VM and use HBCI banking with an old Windows software. Has been working fine for a long time.

Now I am trying to switch to KMM and AQBanking and I am facing some problems. When I try to configure a new user in the setup dialogue, the chipcard isn’t found. I am getting asked twice to plug in the chipcard and to press a button, but that seems not to be successful. The dialogue is aborted with a message asking for libchipcard. But that is installed.

Well, I have looked up what should be required and have installed:

  • pcscd
  • libccid
  • libchipcard6
    These packages pull in some additional dependencies.

What may be wrong or missing?

Thanks, Spondex

Thanks for the detailed problem description. Even though you use KMyMoney as the financial application, this is a question about the AqBanking module. Therefore, a better place to obtain support would be to send your question to the mailing list at (some KMyMoney devs are subscribed there as well). The general language on this ML is German. Feel free to point to this post.

Thanks, I raised the issue on the mailing list.