KMM:- Category hierarchy.... suggestions please

my son owns 2 properties and wants to use KMM to manage their finances.
Several services cover both properties ( eg grass cutting service has a common supplier)
Am looking at categories to be able to split invoices between the properties; I have considered using Tags but cannot see how to split the amount un-equally across the properties ( e 70:30).

If categories ARE the best way… is it better to do categories such as :-
Prop_1:Grass, Prop_1: Hedge etc
Grass:Prop_1, Grass:Prop_2 etc

TIA, Tony

Categories are the way to go. The order of the hierarchy (Prop:Grass vs Grass:Prop) depends on your reporting requirements. I would use Prop:Grass so that I have all expenses of each property in a single group that I can select/group upon reporting. Does that make sense?


Thanks Ipwizard for the super-speedy response… :+1: