Kmymoney Does Not work with Plasma 6

The last update to KMYMONEY was two years ago. Plasma 6 is soon to be released and is usable as a daily driver in KaOS. Kmymoney does not work with Plasma 6 because it uses KF5. Is there going to be an update?

I sent an email to one of the developers. He did not answer. If it’s not going to be upgraded I want to know an equivalent that works with plasma 6.

KMyMoney and other KF5-based apps will work with Plasama 6 just fine


The install fails because of a conflict between KF5 and KF6.

I guess I have to add * Breeze/Oxygen, for correct application style. This also applies to third-party QStyles

  • plasma-integration, for correct Qt integration
  • kwayland-integration, for several Wayland things to work
  • kio-extras, for various kio-related things
  • various kio-* things
  • various non-Frameworks libraries as needed

Breeze, plasma-integration, and kwayland-integration support building for Qt5 and Qt6 in the same build. I have a Doctors appointment this morning, I’ll try that when I get home.

KF6/Plasma 6 is experimental and unfinished, some conflicts are not yet fixed.

This will all work properly once officially released


The very small team of KDE developers are busy fixing bugs and adding enhancements, which eventually WILL include assuring it works with KDE6. Just because emails (hopefully to the mailing list and not personally to the developer) are not answered immediately (or even within a few days) does not mean the answer is negative.

The email was directly to a KMYMONEY Developer not to the mailing list, and to me the lack of response is rude. As far as this discussion goes, one of the answers in here was that KF5 apps will work just fine in plasma 6. Right now that is not true, maybe at some point they will like x11 apps can be made to work with wayand. KaOS, so far works for me, with plasma 6 except no Kmymoney. I prefer ARCH based distros with plasma, but I’m running Fedora at the moment and it’s behind in some packages. Thanks for your response I need learn how to compile from source. I’ve gotten reasonably good at playing with pkg builds, but that’s not the same. I learned to code, sort of, a long time ago, but never really acquired an aptitude for it.

You may disagree, but it is generally considered impolite to email developers directly, rather than a mailing list, especially when the discussion will be of interest to other users of the software.
In any case, it is known that KMyMoney will not currently compile with Qt6/KDE6. However, some preparatory work has already been done, and it will definitely be ready by the time KDE6 is actually released.

Seems that it hopefully wasn’t me who did not answer, because I don’t find any mail regarding this topic and cannot remember to have seen one during last weeks. Just this thread here.

I am with @ostroffjh that sending mail to a developer is not the best idea, but using a mailing list or this forum is the better choice.

To add to the topic: preparations have been made in current master so that compilation on KF6 should be possible. No actual porting effort has been started yet and will probably take some time and may not be immediately ready when KF6 is released. Time will tell. Any helping hand is always welcome, though.

@ipwizard It was not you. As far as who to contact, if I call a support desk, and I hardly ever do, the first tier hardly ever has an answer and I push it to the next level and so on until I get an answer. And I do feel bad if it turns out that my stupidity missed the answer :)))))) Why I asked about Kmymoney, is of course because I need it, but primarily because there has been a two year gap in development (at least as far as git says. There are three distros that are reportedly using Plasma 6, Fedora, KaOS, and NEON Unstable. NEON Unstable didn’t boot to a DE (maybe a corrupted USB Pen Drive). not a fan of UBUNTU based distros anyway, It’s ARCH for me and Demn’s instructions for installing KaOS Plasma 6 worked right out of the box. I may stop being anal about Kmymoney until it’s ready and go ahead and use KaOS .

Fortunately, 3rd level is reading (and sometimes answering) here as well :smiley:

I am unable to see a two year gap in the git repo, though.

It’s hard to keep up with the history of things when you distro hop like I do. I see that you have been busy with it after looking at Deployment/Releases. Not sure now where I got the 2 years from, I did a lot of digging. Fedora version is 12/22. I have a lot of skill sets, but the one I am lacking is development. I took some courses in programming, but I just couldn’t grasp enough to do anything useful except print out “Hello World” :)))))))