Kolourpaint for MacOS?

I just got a new m2 macbook pro and I need to grab a copy of kolourpaint. Previously I would get it from a binary factory link (the forum won’t let me post links), but that website no longer works.

After doing some searching, I see that KDE moved over to a gitlab, and I was able to find Kolourpaint, but there’s no MacOS build showing up in the pipeline: (forum won’t let me post the link). I found a pull request on that repo, which may handle this, but it’s never been implemented. When trying to create an issue, the site warned me that this is for developers, and I should go here instead.

I even tried using macports to build it, but after several hours of building everything from xorg to qt the build failed. I just want the kolourpaint dmg for MacOS again :sweat_smile:

Does anyone have information about this, or the best way to get a binary for MacOS? Is there any timeline to when the gitlab instance will be able to replicate what binary-factory was doing? Thank you so much!

The PR that seems to fix is on KDE’s gitlab instance-- [CI/CD] Add macOS jobs (!48) · Merge requests · Graphics / KolourPaint · GitLab

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