Konsole desktop app not launching

Kubuntu 24.04. Konsole desktop app stopped. /usr/share/applications, menus, alt+shift+f4…all desktop related konsole stuff is a nono. Updated, removed all configs, reinstalled…still nono. Everything launches with an execve error. ( can’t launch with arguments ‘’, permission denied)
However, konsole can be launched from another terminal, /usr/bin and new user. In order to have it run from panels, menus and custom servicemenus, /usr/bin/konsole has to be specified.

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So typing just “konsole” into a shell doesn’t work, but typing out the full path /usr/bin/konsole does?

Typing it in some terminal launches it. But any desktop related ( desktop right click, dolphin…) doesn’t. For now I had to change every single konsole related stuff ( scripts, servicemenus, menu…) to /usr/bin/konsole. Any desktop entry will not work. First time ever.

Try checking your PATH variable just to be sure. echo $PATH in a shell.

Path’s just fine. Happened out of the blue on this 24.04. Have others with the exact same setup. No probs on those.

So you only have to specify full path for konsole, but not any other application? That is very strange. I’m not too sure but I have a couple of suggestions. Try to stat /usr/bin/konsole or uninstall and reinstall konsole.

All in initial post. Gonna reinstall the entire distro. It’s not my main anyway.